• Image of Postcard / Card with envelope, mixed designs

We know that those words are just an easy email away. But for those special words. Or for the very ordinary one. With a postcard or card with envelope from RioRio you can send a message with a little bit more love in between the letters. A card, some stamps, a pencil and a friend to write to. Gather you words and send some love.

Product information - POSTCARDS
Prize: 10 SEK / each
Size: The cards measures 10x15 cm and the back has space for addressee and a greeting
Quality: Printed on 300 grams paper with glossy front
Info: Available in 4 designs.

Product information - CARD WITH ENVELOPE
Prize: 35 SEK / each
Size: The cards measures A5 format. The envelopes measures C5 format and are opened on the short side.
Quality: The cards are printed on 350 grams coated paper with a glossy front.
Info: Available in 4 designs.